01 August 2007

rabbit rabbit

in midwinter i posted about the profusion of free cat figurines found in boxes of the tea i drink and bemoaned the fact that id never found the little rabbit one. so the other day a good friend found one in her tea box and gave it to me. and yesterday in an antique shop i found this display. tiger bear giraffe platypus and even a clown. all selling for $2.25 a piece. now notice anything missing? right! not one single cat!


Anonymous said...

looking at this made my day. (the tea drinker)

chris said...

notice in the antique store display - theres no rabbit, either! btw, do you know the origin of the phrase rabbit rabbit? Click here to read about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I missed my opportunity for good luck all month?!?! md'b