31 March 2013

easter 2013

a suddenly quiet holiday this year as the little girl became ill mid-morning and her family could not come for dinner as planned - and greatly anticipated. there was a quick visit to the girl's house to deliver easter goodies and dinner, but for the most part, the day was oddly still and quite uneventful. i did, however, receive my easter balloon again this year. still wondrous after all these years.

i just realized this: it's the same balloon as the 2012 one. perhaps the easter bunny buys in bulk?

21 March 2013

snow diamonds

i have long tried to capture this, the sparkle of the winter snow when it is new. and there it was early this fine spring morning - right there in front of me.

18 March 2013


although it's hard to awake to darkness again, since the return of daylight saving time, i've been enjoying the extra hours of light in the late afternoon and evening. today was cold and gray but i bundled up and took an extra long walk anyway. with another big snowstorm coming, who knows when the roads will be as clear again?

09 March 2013


first day i've worn these since november, maybe. what a liberating feeling to not be wearing something heavy and dark, with big ole grooved, slip-resistent soles...

07 March 2013

march snow

more snow this afternoon. this is the time of year my love-hate relationship with snow peaks. it's beautiful in march - fat, fluffy, pillow-soft on the ground. whisper-quiet, it brightens the gray snowbanks from previous months. it sticks to trees but melts on main roads. but it covers grass and keeps growing things dormant. it necessitates winter things - hats and scarves, long coats and boots. watching this snow fall is mesmerizing and enchanting - but as i stand here in the march dusk, marveling at the beauty around me, i long for the change to spring.