25 May 2014

memorial day weekend

after she told me all about the Memorial Day event at her school, the little girl and i went outside to add our flag to the front door wreath. once it was placed, she suggested we pledge allegiance to it, like they do in school. so we did, she and i. hand over hearts, nice and loud, right there on the front lawn in front of the whole neighborhood.

22 May 2014

my favorite flowers

i love the flowers that grow this time of year - primrose, mayflowers, trillium and anemone. the delicate single petals, the soft muted colors. the but this year my favorite flowers are these - brightly colored tissue paper ones with pipe cleaner stems, made by the little girl and presented for my birthday. 

08 May 2014

spring song

early this morning, with windows open without benefit of screen, i heard him before i saw him. a cheery song from the top of the birch tree at the edge of the woods. he was there for the longest time, chirping his greeting to the new day and the new season. and each time he flew to the next highest branch, tiny pollen clouds poofed from each catkin.