31 October 2008

so soon?

doesn't it seem christmas comes earlier and earlier each year?
fifteen years ago early morning sales began the day after thanksgiving. later christmas magazines started appearing on supermarket newsstands around veterans' day. and now this in my inbox today - as well as the first christmas commercial of the season on tv tonight. i expect when i go out later this morning, still chewing my halloween gum, the stores will all be decked out for the holidays. after all, there's only fifty-five shopping days left!


like my costume?
happy halloween!

30 October 2008

riding shotgun

seen sitting in the passenger seat of an suv in a bank parking lot. and look, he's even buckled in. funny the things some adults do when it's time for hallowe'en...

28 October 2008

cheesy glasses

here are the drug store cheepos i had to wear for two days instead of my regular wire framed glasses. over the weekend as i cleared brush, a lilac branch snagged and caught my specs as i heaved it out into the woods. it took forever to find those glasses in the brambles and leaves, and, when they were recovered, they were in quite sad condition. so i wore these scratched plastic readers while they were being repaired. and no one even noticed the change. 

26 October 2008

forest floor

yes, it's blurry, i know. i was trying to photograph that orange seed pod on the birch branch but had only the lesser camera and, to make matters worse, was without my glasses. still, i like the colors and textures and wanted to post this even though its blog-worthiness is questionable.

25 October 2008

goodbye to the gardens

a grey fall saturday is a good day to cut back the gardens and clean them up before snow arrives. pulling and cutting plants, one last round of weeding,  and some on-the-spot divisions of plants make the task last all day. as always there are surprises - the blooming johnny-jump-ups hidden among the dead rubekia, a paper thin chrysalis hanging from dried milkweed, the strong scent of lemon balm as my rake passes over the dead flowers. in the vegetable garden, hidden under the damp vines, i find a huge cucumber that has somehow escaped picking. and on the bean pole, i cut and pocket shriveled brown seed-laden pods that hold the promise of next year's beans. after many trips to empty the wheelbarrow, i end the day with a cup of tea in the adirondack chair, tired but satisfied, as the maples release their leaves with the wind. 

20 October 2008

october grasses

not sure how much longer grasses will look this feathery and winsome against the evening sky. this morning we had a killing frost. tonight the forecast is for rain - or possibly snow showers. i have yet to see a flake - and that's fine with me. 

19 October 2008

rally cap

and it didn't even work. the red sox lost in game 7 of the alcs. no world series for me. no more baseball until spring. and certainly no joy in beantown tonight. *sob*

18 October 2008

frost at dawn

with this week's full harvest moon and a starlit cold overnight, everything this morning was tinged with sparkling frost for a few brief moments before the breaking sunlight melted it all. 

13 October 2008

the nice thing about pansies

the first nice thing about pansies is that they come out so early in the spring. well before any of the other annuals arrive, pansies provide a multitude of much welcomed color after the drab months of winter. the second nice thing about pansies is that, after they have gotten leggy and sad-looking in the heat of summer, as the days cool and fall arrives they stage a comeback that lasts until frost. and the last nice thing about pansies is the seed pod. in that short period after the fat pod splits in three and before the wind or rain ensues, the seeds wait all lined up in perfectly lovely little rows. Observe...

12 October 2008

autumn in new england

because you can only blog so many foliage pictures before your readership begins to roll their eyes and curse you under their collective breath and since it is once again a totally spectacular new england sunday, i offer you this autumn montage with the vow that this is the end of foliage season as far as serendipitous is concerned. really. i promise.

11 October 2008


after a poor start to the season, fall foliage is beyond breathtaking this weekend. here i pulled over to the side of the back road i was following to marvel in the colors and patterns and textures of the trees on the hillsides. only after moving beyond the awe and beauty of it all did it occur on me what a great shot this might make - cows and all. 

05 October 2008

short & sweet

the first carrot from the garden. neither underdeveloped nor stunted,  it's a variety that grows short and fat as it matures and is good for heavier garden soils like ours. other years' attempts have yielded carrots that were puny and thin, hardly more than orange roots. planting this kind was a carrot coup. i sure hope helen's reading this.

03 October 2008


these toll house wannabes represent the most productive thing i have done in an entire week's time. don't be impressed or anything. they were from a ready to bake, ready to expire package i keep on the refrigerator door in case guests show up. but it sure felt good to finally accomplish something, even if it was a little easy baking.

02 October 2008

inside looking out

maple leaves on the hill in back just after the rain. taken through the back window - a lucky shot.