28 June 2012

baking day

we're baking this morning, the little girl and me. it's a pound cake i've not made in ages and ages. one look at the list of ingredients will explain why! but we are baking today for a crowd and this cake will go a long way. so much learning about fractions and math, letters, reading and writing fill our morning. the only catastrophes - an oozing egg that missed the cup, and someone forgot to grease the cake pan!

27 June 2012

still here

such a busy time of year, even now. still trying to close out my year in two locations, and additionally this week, i am spending my days taking care of the little girl. even though the days are fun and filled with laughter, nights are spent at work. here, unusual, undulating cloud formations in the evening sky as i left the building for home.

20 June 2012

start of summer

the tiniest bit of orange in an indian paintbrush nestled amidst the abundant green of grasses up on the hill. from afar, it catches my eye this morning, on this first day of summer.

16 June 2012

resting place

dragonflies have been sitting at the tip of the garden trellis all morning for the second saturday in a row. i watch them from my desk, wings glistening in the sun, resting for what seems too long periods of time. not sure what the appeal is to that location, other than a bug's eye view of the lupine, the peonies, the evening primrose, and the expanse of emerald grass beyond.

12 June 2012

june 12 of 12: just an apology

sadly, there will be no 12 of 12 for the month of june. this morning, i thought i might be able to accomplish this but by mid-afternoon, i knew it was impossible. early june life is just too busy for anything more than this one evening shot. it's the raspberries in the yard by the comfrey. look at those tiny green fruits growing where the flowers have been. maybe theres 12 drupes? druplets? in there? maybe?

11 June 2012

little things

a lovely fragrant end of year bouquet from a student's family, beribboned and presented in a canning jar along with a note of thanks. such a sweet gesture, so very much appreciated.

08 June 2012


in the foreground: comfrey.
in the background: raspberries!

06 June 2012

white on white

a stark white moth, resting this evening in the shade garden, spotted as i rushed from the car between work-at-work and work-at-home. busy time of the year, june is. i miss taking pictures. i miss blogging.

01 June 2012

meterological summer

today marks the first day of meteorological summer - june, july, and august, the three months traditionally thought of as summertime. i like this new-to-me fact, and i'll take it. i'd much rather have summer begin today than wait twenty more days for the astrological start to the season.