30 September 2012

old things

off on an antiquing adventure this weekend and, after marveling at all sorts of beautiful and interesting items, this is the one i came away with. not only does it slice eggs three different ways - horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, it plays beautiful music when the cutting wires are plunked. i know this. i used to do it back in the old days, when i was a child.

28 September 2012

damp & dreary

big plans, fun plans, for the weekend and i've been so anxious to be outside with the camera. but it looks like even more rain is in store. here's hoping skies will be overcast and showers just intermittent.

23 September 2012

equinox weekend

yesterday, in a rush, i came up over a rise and saw fall for the first time. there in the distance, one red maple in the midst of all the summer's green. it's coming! so today i went out with my camera, just for a little while, to see if i could find more. it felt pretty good to be out, just watching, just looking.

16 September 2012

end of the season

the last corn of the season tonight for dinner, with the final scrapings of the dill butter made in july. the ocd in me loves when silly things like this come out serendipitously even.

09 September 2012

nature's gold

found just this morning, laying in the middle of this rock. it looked like gold in the sunlight, like a pin to wear on a russet brown or burnt orange jacket. i saved it, pressed it into a book about seasonal changes. in a few weeks, when i turn the pages to read about autumn, i'll find it again.

04 September 2012

final show

after hanging on through the blockbuster and netflix years, the small video store in our town is now closing its doors. i worked a second job there once, nights and weekends, when the girl went off to college and the house was too quiet. i studied for graduate classes there, between checking out vhs tapes for customers and returning rented ones to the shelves. i worked with wonderful, funny women. i got to know my neighbors. it was a rich time in my life.

the "going out of business sign" drew me in. they were selling off their stock and it was cheap. i went to the drama section and found it: the movie i loved to play when i was working. i haven't seen it in years, but i bought it, just to have it, just for old times' sake.