24 February 2013


winter & spring, all in one shot!
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23 February 2013

world of white

beautiful snowstorm this february saturday. fat fluffy flakes and a forecast of a prolonged event are sure signs that there will be snow to shovel in the morning. but for now, i stay inside and look out, trying to find color in a stark white world. 

15 February 2013

08 February 2013

hunkering down

you'd think new englanders might have a cavalier attitude about snow...but most don't. this morning our schools never opened, even though there's was nary an inch of snow on the ground. the local library announced yesterday they would not be opening at all today. our governor is urging businesses to shut down early and asks that motorists be off the roads before dark. this in anticipation of an impending storm that will soon descend on the area with high winds and snow. a lot of snow. it'll be good for skiing and snowmobiling, they say. tourists will come. it will guard against drought this summer. all this is true - and so far, it's been a beautiful storm. but i can't help remembering a weather event thirty years ago that left us powerless for a week and housebound for three. i do hope it doesn't come to that. so while i wait for the storm to intensify, i'll drink my tea and read my book and wander from window to window, hoping that i'm prepared for what's to come.

02 February 2013

early spring?

how do they know, she asks me, the groundhogs? what if some groundhogs see their shadows and some don't - what do they do then...vote? her curiosity astounds me; her reasoning delights.

for this robin's sake, i hope punxsutawney phil is correct. due largely to his proximity last month, i am fresh out of holly berries.