31 May 2008

creeps me out

seen this afternoon on an iced coffee run when i opted to go inside mcd's because the drive thru line was miles long. it's ronald mcdonald, in the flesh. and red wig and makeup and floppy shoes. [shudder]. no wonder so many people were driving up instead of going in.

29 May 2008

lightening up

passing under this chandelier and walking out the door late this afternoon signified the end of a big project, the last of several this spring. it's been a very long, very busy month of may. i'm looking forward to a quiet and unhurried last two days before june sets in and busy begins all over again.

27 May 2008

following directions

just doing what it says to do, that's all. of course, it never did say to "go."

26 May 2008

memorial day red

new growth on this unexpected maple in the garden at the girl's house. just look at the bilateral symmetry in those tiny new red leaves.

23 May 2008

chowdah crackahs

citizens of new england, rise up! for the second time in a dozen years, nabisco has ceased production of these simple crackers. eaten alone and unadorned, pilot crackers taste like their original name implies - like hardtack, a bland flat bread first made in the late 1700s for sailors to take for months at sea. but crumble one of these crunchy rectangles into clam chowder or butter it and eat it alongside a bowl of chowder and pilot crackers take on a whole new flavor and consistency. it's practically a new england staple and a must for chowder lovers like me. the last time these crackers were taken from us, there was a grassroots movement to bring them back. at that time, nabisco got hundreds of letters. and that was before the internet, before email, and before blogs. so let your voice be heard. desperate times call for deperate measures, people.

20 May 2008

a toast

sauvignon blanc?

nope, it's water from my new britta water filter. and it tastes surprisingly good even without adding any of the lemony powdery sweet stuff. this may just be the answer to my pollution problem. so here's to those from the comments section who mentioned filtering water. it works! cheers!

18 May 2008

lily of the valley

hands down, my favorite springtime flower. love the tiny white bells, the heavenly scent, the way the plants spread through the garden. and that it's the birth flower for may.

16 May 2008


look at the size of the mushrooms on this tree! every time i pass by, they seem bigger with more protuberance. i wonder if they ever get heavy enough to fall off. I wonder if they're edible. i wonder if chipmunks ever stand on them and watch the world go by.

13 May 2008

the river

at the end of a crazy day i stop at river's edge, looking for fish or frogs or flora or some springtime photo op. and all i find is sunlight and stillness. so i snap away, staying for more time than i probably should.

10 May 2008

sign of the (old) times

the last time i saw a sign like this at a gas station, it read 36¢ a gallon. to see prices like this on a sign that retro feels wrong on so many levels. btw, this place even had a red pegasus weathervane on top of a cupola. and it even turned with the wind.

09 May 2008

a walk in the woods

it was good to get into the woods again after a winter of deep snow. i went out this evening looking for trillium and lady slippers but found none. with nothing camera-worthy on the forest floor, i decided to look up and was captivated by the designs of all that's in bud and bloom and leaf.

06 May 2008

wild oats

and these are the right-on-schedule flowers referenced in the previous post. but i'm not too sure what these have to do with sowing while you're young.

05 May 2008


aka trailing arbutus or ground laurel. you know, the plants that april showers bring. small and pinkish white, these flowers hide beneath broad, hairy leaves and have the most amazing scent. mayflowers seem late this year, blooming alongside wild oats which are right on schedule. maybe it's just spring racing to catch up with itself.

04 May 2008

peeping tom

finally, the sink is cleared and dishes are put back in the cupboards. and as i washed them, i was at first startled, and then delighted by this little face peeking in through the kitchen window at me. looks a bit like a wookiee, don't you think?

03 May 2008

spring rain

a rainy weekend with unlimited opportunities for work and sleep and catching up and not many chances for photographs. but during a lull in the showers, i stepped gingerly through the saturated grass to check the status of daffodils in both bud and bloom.

02 May 2008

thank goodness its friday

disregarding the layer of winter grime, early morning sunlight streams through the window and reflects brightly off the pots and pans i have had no time to wash this week. and you wonder why i haven't blogged. tgif.