23 May 2008

chowdah crackahs

citizens of new england, rise up! for the second time in a dozen years, nabisco has ceased production of these simple crackers. eaten alone and unadorned, pilot crackers taste like their original name implies - like hardtack, a bland flat bread first made in the late 1700s for sailors to take for months at sea. but crumble one of these crunchy rectangles into clam chowder or butter it and eat it alongside a bowl of chowder and pilot crackers take on a whole new flavor and consistency. it's practically a new england staple and a must for chowder lovers like me. the last time these crackers were taken from us, there was a grassroots movement to bring them back. at that time, nabisco got hundreds of letters. and that was before the internet, before email, and before blogs. so let your voice be heard. desperate times call for deperate measures, people.

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the girl said...

Booooooo, Nabisco!