25 May 2014

memorial day weekend

after she told me all about the Memorial Day event at her school, the little girl and i went outside to add our flag to the front door wreath. once it was placed, she suggested we pledge allegiance to it, like they do in school. so we did, she and i. hand over hearts, nice and loud, right there on the front lawn in front of the whole neighborhood.


Star said...

Lovely. It's hard to explain to the Italians why we are so attached to our flag that for us is almost sacred. You can try with all the sophisticated arguments in the world, but they just shrug their shoulders. Why? Because, even after so many years (Italy was founded in the years when their war for independence from foreign powers and the terrestrial power of the papacy finally was successful in 1871), they aren't patriotic as a nation...as a local reality, be it area or city, yes, but as a country, no.

Graciegreen said...

I love this pic and your post. My grands stand on our porch with hand over heart when the city band plays the national anthem in the park.