07 June 2014

feels like summer

driving home this evening on the back roads, it finally feels like summer. the air is warm, clouds are puffy, and trees are all leafed out and throwing shadows. the tourists are back and boats are moored on the lake. i pass a wedding party gathering for pictures on a vast green lawn. families are out walking and folks are riding their bicycles. and, driving by the take-out restaurant, the smell of fried food wafts through the open windows.


Linda said...

I imagine your summers are kinder than the ones we have in Texas. SO many people love summer time - my daughter and a sister and several friends - even TEXAS HOT ones!!
I kind of brace myself and start looking forward to fall.
Beautiful pic of your woodland road!! I hope you enjoy every day of the season!

Tabor said...

Our air has become soup along with the heat, but everything is emerald green.