16 June 2014


through the window, the garden calls. the spring pinks, blues, and purples are in bloom. lupine, iris, wild geranium - and the columbines nodding in the breeze. it's such a mess out here - last year's 'garden club' plants have multiplied wildly, there are still pots still to plant, stubborn weeds to eradicate, and a long-planned patio space to build. but in the early morning light, it's lovely nonetheless.


Linda said...

There's ALWAYS work to be done outdoors in the summertime!! We are having to get out in the mornings and then follow the shade during the day if we need to work in the yard. Or better yet - wait for the sun to go down!

Star said...

What a beautiful flower. I've heard of it, but don't think I've ever seen one. Thanks for sharing.