11 August 2007


while her parents went off for a few hours to a matinee i stayed with the baby girl. my first babysitting job since 1972. we walked we talked we rocked and we did little dances. we read the same pop up book four times. i sang arlo guthrie and explained the basics of baseball. and the baby girl studied my face while she fed and fell asleep in my arms as i made a memory to hold deep within a grammies heart.


Anonymous said...

There are hardly words to describe how precious these moments are. I know that my treasures this summer have not been big vacations or special occasions, but the little moments with my nieces and nephews like reading together at Borders, observing the ant farm, playing math games, stargazing, making a sunflower fort in the garden, . . . (cb)

chris said...

in a few years, ill be asking you for those sunflower fort directions....:>

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'd like those sunflowers fort directions too. md'b