09 August 2007


on my way to town this morning i glimpse with my peripheral vision a blur of gold by the side of the road. tansy i think. ill pick it on my way back. a bit later as i head for home i spot the towns mower trimming along the edge of the road. i beat it to the tansy spot and save it from sure ruin. and bring it home and plunk it in a little vase to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be fun if Girl and Baby Girl had a book, or a calendar of "Serendipitous"? I would love one on my coffee table! md'b

chris said...

if it was a calendar youd have to look at the same picture and posting for a whole month! and if it was a book someone might use it as a coaster and put their coffee on it.

dont you like it as a blog better?

Anonymous said...

Yes! I love it as a blog, but would treasure a coffee table book and NEVER allow coffee (or sippy) cup stains to deface it's cover. :)