23 August 2007


a few weeks ago in my reading i happened upon a passage about a labyrinth. i thought labyrinth was synonymous with maze. but mazes confuse with choices of direction and paths while labyrinths are orderly - one path only to the center and back out. since medieval times labyrinths have been used as a medium for reflection, a place to unwind, to meditate, to pray. something about the structure of a labyrinth purports to calm the mind and ease the soul. since reading all this ive been thinking about labyrinths and wishing i could walk one just to try it. and now someone has read my thoughts. for this morning on my mailbox was this invitation to a labyrinth right here at a local church.


Anonymous said...

that is utterly amazing...you were just telling me about this...so, let's go!

Anonymous said...

there's a labyrinth just inside the entrance to the Cathedral of Chartes near Paris. i was always too busy exploring to try it out but i will the next time i go. jg

chris said...

jg: i bet there are more labyrinths in europe than in the us. if you ever do walk one, id love to hear about it. i believe this is the website referenced in the book. maybe theres a labyrinth closer to you than paris!