28 August 2007

lunar eclipse

this is not my photo. because early this morning while the earths shadow was busy eclipsing the full moon i was busy sleeping. i slept not because i was tired which i absolutely was. i slept not because i was disinterested which i definitely was not. i slept because i had no reason to get up. i slept because i thought the lunar eclipse was this coming thursday night. so i missed it. the next total lunar eclipse is 21 february 2008. please call me to be sure im awake.


gretchen said...

I feel so guilty. The calendar has a fatal flaw. Where's quality control when you need it?

chris said...

i should have been more on top of things. checked amazing space or this weeks sky. if it wasnt such a busy week i might have paid more attention. anyway you can easily redeem yourself by being the one to call me on february 21st. :>