31 August 2007

note to self

this is a magnificent vining plant with huge stunningly beautiful pink flowers. i spotted it climbing a wire support in the middle of a half whiskey barrel in front of a pizza shop in a cheesy strip mall. before next spring find out what it is. you need to grow it yourself.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...I believe that is a Mandevilla Vine. There is certainly plenty of time to confirm before next summer! md'b

chris said...

oh good! i was hoping youd comment with the answer! i did a quick search and came up with the same thing - and was looking for confirmation from someone more knowledgeable. ive made a note on my may08 calendar. this plant was gorgeous and i definitely want to grow it next year!

Anonymous said...

I heard Gramma G picked one up and hope you did too! md'b