02 September 2007

last weekend of summer

i was going to go to work today. i really was. but who could work on such a glorious day? in church this morning we sang:
sing to the mountains sing to the sea,
raise your voices lift your hearts
this is the day the lord has made
let all the earth rejoice.

so i did rejoice. and marveled at the beauty of the day. and took pictures. and walked. and read. and sang. and did not work.


KP said...

Good for you! I didn't work either...I planted grass and cut back brush and at the end of that glorious day enjoyed sitting around a campfire.

Anonymous said...

HI. So cool to see the magnificent photos and the read the exquisite writing that goes along with it. I, too, enjoyed the day outdoors, taking full advantage of the incredibly wonderful weather and our scenic NH land.