17 August 2007

youve come a long way baby

no. the g is not for girl. its for gdiaper this newfangled environmentally friendly way to dress your baby. the diaper is inside the red pants that velcro shut - no surprise there. its the diaper itself thats unique. holding the soiled diaper over the toilet you rip the long sides of it down. out tumble the insides of the diaper - all that soft absorbent stuff. then it all miraculously dissolves into nothingness leaving only cloudy looking water in the bowl. during the flush the remaining outer liner of the diaper goes in too. so theres no diaper left at all. its gone. gee - what will they think of next?


Anonymous said...

that's good to know! my friend and i were discussing the other day - and teaching her kids who had no idea - about how long it takes for a disposible diaper to degrade. j.

Anonymous said...

way cool. i struggle to keep up with what's new in technology, and here i didn't even know what's new in diaper development! (cb)