26 January 2007

the surprise inside

im a coffee drinker so i dont often buy tea. maybe a couple of boxes a year. and every box for years and years has had one of these small porcelain figurines in it. and invariably i get the box with the cat in it. the side of the package suggests collecting them but really - how many tiny glass cats all the same color all the same pose can one person have? how do you display them? do you line them up parade style - a rank and file of cloned kitties? this one will eventually follow all the others to the rubbish. and ill keep sporadically buying tea and hoping that finally i find the rabbit.


Anonymous said...

i'm a tea lover, and how serendipitous that on the day i read this, i found the rabbit. putting it in your box at school to make you smile. who loves ya!

chris said...

oh boy! the elusive rabbit! thank you!!