31 January 2007

time flies

does it seem to you like we just started the new year? and look - here's the end of the month already. used to be that january dragged, filled with grey skies and cold and snow. early to bed nights and stay inside days, one after the other each the same and in endless succession. now the days fly and are gone. is it that im busier? that im older? that i have a better concept of what time really is? i sit here on the last night of the month wondering what happened to it. the only poor comfort i have is the knowledge that tomorrow there will be another new calendar picture to look at for february. the shortest month of the year.

1 comment:

gretchen said...

Oh! What an interesting calendar!! Where can I get one?

I am loving your blog and photos. Congratulations on becoming a "professora". I was also very touched by the photo and commentary on your dad.

I check your blog each night/day -- wondering what the photo will be. Thanks. Gretchen