16 January 2010

on loan

whilst my own car was being serviced, the dealership loaned me this nondescript model for the day. good thing it had one of those key fobs that made lights flash and horns beep when it unlocked the doors. without that i might have lost the car in parking lots. odd that after only six hours of sporadic city driving in this automatic, it took me more than a few miles to get re-acclimated to a five-speed!


Richard said...

For a second, I thought your right rear lamp casing had sprinkle donuts in it! It must be wishful thinking, seeing as how you've been writing about donuts a lot. :)

Your posts make me laugh!

Richard Chiolero
www.roosterdonkey.blogspot.com (in case you want to embark on learning French)

chris said...

merci, richard! glad you laughed! thanks for the visit! ~chris