12 September 2011

september 12 of 12: small joys

after being so melancholy yesterday, i woke up this morning happy to find a new day before me. i had no real plan for the 12 of 12 for the month, and just began taking pictures of things that made me smile and feel happy again.

morning fog. truly, it doesn't happen often enough in these parts for me. but when it does, i love walking outside and into it, knowing that it's just a big cloud all around me. fog always makes the world feel so ethereal and magical. 

commuter coffee. it still feels like an indulgence after all these years of drinking my second cup of the day in the car.

light up sneakers. i laugh watching kids run in these, with their toes all blinking and flashing off and on. i wonder about how the shoe is made to do such amazing things. and i secretly wish someone would manufacture them in adult sizes.

missing teeth. always good for a big smile. from me and from the small friend.

prepaid gift cards. cleaning the dashboard cubby and finding there's the price of a few coffees still left on them.

late summer on one side of the road...

and early fall on the other!

crisp white architecture. i have passed this house at least five times a week for the last thirty years. and i never really noticed the wondrous detail in it until today, when i stopped the car to photograph something else!

bare feet in the cool grass. after a long day of standing on them, i'm very happy it's still warm enough to do this!

the last black-eyed susan of the summer. even though it's pretty scraggily, it was a big decision whether to pick it and bring it into the house. i ended up leaving it in the yard, thinking it might last a little longer that way.

tree silhouettes against an evening sky. any time of year, these amaze me. so detailed and intricate, they make me wish i could draw them with pen and ink. 

the almost-full harvest moon. it lights up the night and makes the landscape almost as ethereal as the morning fog did.


myletterstoemily said...

so many small but large details to make
your day a special one. it's usually like
that, huh?

A Cup of Chai said...

In this kind of foggy and misty morning, I feel like sipping a warm cup of tea with a delicious delicacy.

Charlotte Aimée Clarke said...

What a beautiful view -somehow I think summer is escaping us!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, I particularly love the white house (not the White House, you understand!)

Early Autumn has definitely arrived here in our area too, my favourite season!

Cherie Blessing said...

Because of you, I look forward to the 12th of each month just to see what treat you have in store for my mind and eyes.

Ashley Stone said...

great list! : )

Paula's Postings said...

Great pictures I love the autumnal colours they look so rich.

Star said...

Lovely, thank you.

Nora said...

I like the randomly taken photos of your day. They so give a good impression of your life.

I'm glad you didn't wake up melancholy. One night's sleep can make all the difference, can't it? I notice that myself too.