04 September 2011

labor day laundry

here it is, a day from labor day, and i still have not replaced my defunct clothes dryer, gone now for over ninety days. not a great clothesline day today so here i am at the laundromat, drying my clothes with quarters. i wonder if this may become the norm as i return to work - and i'm not looking forward to those prospects. when will i make the time in my busy life to do this? what will i give up? yet as i watch my wardrobe tumble, i reflect on times past, when there were no electric dryers and no laundromats and i wonder how families managed to clean clothes then. clearly, their laboring must have been very different from mine. i'll try to be mindful of that when i next feel like complaining about my situation. and i'm going to keep looking at dryer sales.


Anonymous said...

I have a washer/dryer but I never use the dryer bit.

If I can't dry clothes outside, I put them in my greenhouse, it's great because they dry in a couple of days!!

Nora said...

I don't have a dryer and dry the laundry inside if the weather is not good. I have a special clothes rack to dry the laundry on that's hanging in the bathroom. It's pretty handy. I even dry the sheets on it. It really is possible to do without a dryer and cheap too.

Anonymous said...

i just saw a program on scientists in the Arctic who hung their clothes out to dry in 40 degree below weather. the clothes immediately froze but somehow they dried.

when the weather is bad i hang whatever i can on a hanger (i do that even when i hang things on the porch) and hang them from the lintel of the door to the spare room. i also have a clothes drying rack (everyone in Spain has one of those), un tendedero, and i set it in the spare room. it might take two days to dry but i'm not wasting electricity or harming the environment. two things which are very important to me. joanna

Star said...

Aaaah, the smell of line dried clothes and the memories of the white sheets undulating against the green of the lawn in the gentle breeze wafting back from childhood...how wonderful. My grandmother had a washing machine that...washed. It didn't spin. So, out came the sopping wet things, which went droopy and bulgy into the wringer, then magically came out as thin and as stiff as melamine. She was thankful, too...shortly before I was born, she still was washing clothes in a tub, pouring water heated in kettles on the stove. We are so lucky.