09 April 2011


pots of pansies outside my local florist's shop. outside! i had to fight the urge to buy them all! instead, i walked away with three bunches of daffodils for the kitchen table. as much as i love putting pansies in window boxes, i need to wait a bit. i still can't get to them through the snow! but soon i hope! very soon!!


Tabor said...

Soon, I hope for you soon!

Lynne said...

They certainly do look tempting, you were very strong.

I will soon be looking for pansies - here we use them as winter flowers (no snow of course).

Anonymous said...

I do hope the snow clears for you soon. Pansies and violas (which I prefer) are usually winter/ early spring flowering here.

We're having a very unseasonal heatwave and we haven't had rain for nearly two weeks, which is a record for my part of the country!