30 May 2007


this flower is called a none-so-pretty. thats the name that was told to me over a decade ago when i transplanted a small patch from the out-of-state yard of a friend of a friend. up close its actually sort of a plain flower. but they grow naturally in clumps and look like a beautiful swath of cerise on the banking for about a week in spring. and every year they get cut down when theyre at their loveliest. the annual none-so-pretty purge. because if they dont the flowers will die and produce pepper-fine seeds that blow on the wind and produce even more none-so-pretties the following year. and theyll grow everywhere. and after a few years of this it gets to be not-so-pretty any more. this i know from experience.

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joy said...

Chris, You have a huge following! of course you do! It has been a long time since I checked in here, but you've been busy. Why the crutches?
P.S Love the moon cycles bit