24 May 2007


last night i went to the car wash carrying only two twenty dollar bills. not very smart as you shall see. the first of the bills went to the $10 car wash. in goes the twenty dollar bill, out comes ten gold sacagawea one dollar coins. this was no surprise its happened before with my usual eight dollar wash. and i dont mind - i use the coins at drive thrus for coffee. after the wash i manuever around the side of the building to the vacuum section. one dollar for four minutes. so i insert sacagawea in the slot and she doesnt budge. i force it and jiggle it and meet with continued resistance. so i climb the vacuum pedestal to read the notice by the slot - quarters only. no problem. theres a change machine over by the armour-all wipes and the thirsty polishing cloths. but the change machine takes only bills not coin. after much muttering and cussing i deposit my second twenty and receive in change eighty (80!) quarters, eight of which are used for the vacuum. anybody need change for the laundry?

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