27 May 2007

a child's garden

for the last several years ive pretty much ignored the garden. plants bloom i cut flowers i half-heartedly weed. other than windowbox petunias and a few herbs in pots, i havent planted much new in a long time. but this year as i clean things up as i divide and rearrange plants its all with a new little person in mind. some little someone who will need flowers to smell and touch and pick. an engaging place for a grandchild to learn about nature and growing things. so i plant fragrant lavender and wooly lambs' ears and exotic clematis. lemon balm and mints to smell and make sun tea with. another bleeding heart for the beautiful shape. in two more summers this child will be old enough to delight in a garden. im hoping by then mine will be enchanting.

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mary d'e-b said...

Scott said "What a lucky baby!" I agree!