19 May 2007

extreme serendipity

while most of the posts to this blog relate to things that somehow tickle or delight me (like the squinty faces on these posies), there are not many that are truly, in my mind, serendipitous. but something occurred this week and, after initial disbelief, i cant stop thinking about it. heres what happened. i was looking at the website of an online database of information that changes daily. activities, sites of interest, what happened in history on that day, word of the day, stuff like that. after i checked the present day info i clicked over to my birthday and started reading about the events of that day. now i happen to have a long-standing affinity for quotes, so i of course clicked on the quote of the day. and what appeared was one of my all time favorite quotations - the one ive had on the sidebar of this blog for so long, about the world being full of magical things. yeah, that one at the top right just above my profile. turns out the author and i not only share the same outlook on the world, we share the same birthday. and how serendipitous is that?

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