02 March 2012

sounds at dawn

morning sounds, soothing, quiet. 
wood pops and shifts in the stove
far-off crows call to one other
tap tap on the keyboard
and faint ringing in my ears
a muffled thud in the far room, perhaps a mouse 
refrigerator hums awake
an icicle releases from eaves
teakettle whispers, hisses, rumbles
a jay squawks for seed
and the plow guy roars up the driveway


Angella Lister said...

That is a wonderful photo. I made it large so I could look deeply into it! Beautiful! Heat and ice.

Irene said...

The plow guy kind of spoiled it all, didn't he?

Jean said...

Love your imagery until the plow guy joined in,

Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

A beautiful photo and I enjoyed your words, a slice of life poem-even the plow guy.

chris said...

it was good to hear the plow guy, actually! i'd been waiting for him since the night before!

Anonymous said...

That pensive time at dawn, with all its subtle sounds-
Isn't the plow the call to action -to work, to the outside world? Not always what we want to hear but how New England.
Beautiful picture.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is so fresh and in the moment. It inspires me. ~ Andigirl