15 March 2012

almost here

days like today i love. overcast and damp, the world smells like earth. snow melt coupled with hidden frost creates mud everywhere. birds sing, tiny moths appear at the windows. and by the roadside, i spot pussy willows, the first indication that the earth is waking up and things are again beginning to grow.


Cindi said...

Beautiful! I love those and have not seen them here at all. My wisteria is waking up as well, and I'm hoping it will get some growth in before summer hits and stalls it like last year. It was not happy in the drought and heat.

Paula's Postings said...

Every time I see Pussy Willow I am reminded of the poem.
I know a litlle pussy
Her coat is silver grey
She lives down in the meadow
Not very far away
Although she is a Pussy
She'll never be a cat
Cos she's a pussy willow
Now what do you think of that.
Just thought I would share it with you.

Jo said...

The neighbor's forsythia is in full bloom. It looks like a bush full of sunshine.

chris said...

Cindi: you have wisteria and we still have snow!! i too am worried about drought and heat. i can't imagine we won't end up somehow paying for this mild winter.
Paula's Postings: i remember that poem from childhood, i think. i also remember playing it on the piano - but it was just a scale!
Jo: i love forsythia, especially from a distance. i think we're still weeks away from ours, but with this odd winter, you never know!

Freeboot said...

The first dogwood blooming here and there in the dark forest and also the first sight of bluebonnets, very little ones!
It is way too early for 85 degree days! Thanks for sharing your beautiful New England landscape. I once wrote you about fat pie, a really stuffed appley pie and called myself anonymous,but now I would like to introduce myself as freeboot. I feel we are kindred spirits.

chris said...

nice to meet you, Freeboot! dogwoods in a forest - must be lovely!