24 March 2012


never have i raked out the gardens quite so early in the year. but there they were, hidden beneath dried grasses and leaves - tiny green (and pink!) things growing! daffodils are budded, crocus are in flower, and forsythia appears ready to burst forth into sunny yellow bloom. i know i take my chances uncovering things this early. other years, we have had snow in april. but this year, it just doesn't seem likely to happen.


Tabor said...

We are all facing this conundrum. Flowers blooming and the danger of frozen snow coming in later. I also think it would not happen, but nothing is going according to pattern anymore.

Paula's Postings said...

My daffodils are almost finished now. Spring has certainly come early for us.

Luna said...

Hooray! It's spring :) I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your new flowers :)