07 March 2012

the beauty of a telephoto lens

finally, i got a new compact flash memory card for my "good" camera. in anticipation of an important photo shoot tonight, i took some test shots late last night, just to make sure the new card worked. and here's what i photographed. yuck!

i know the place needs cleaning, but i swear i never noticed this mess. but how could i not notice! so i just got up and went to look - and, even knowing where it is, i still can't see it! the camera can, but not these old eyes. spring cleaning this year should prove very interesting!


Tabor said...

I cannnot tell you how often this very same thing happens to me. My grandson or my camera is always willing to point out my lack of attention to detail.

Paula's Postings said...

You may think it looks a mess but I think it looks interesting, I love the basket.