21 November 2009

yankee ingenuity

photographed at the edge of the road. is it a golf hole flag? a wind sock? no, it's a handy marker to designate the edge of the road when it's obliterated by piles of snow. long branches forced upright into the ground by plow crews line the roadways and mark the corners. plain folk who want to remember in winter the boundaries of their driveways use them too. some markers have a florescent banner at the top but most do not. come january, when the snow is deep, they'll all stand rigid and tall over the snowbanks. as long as we don't get too much snow, that is. or as long as a plow doesn't come along and knock them down.

1 comment:

patti said...

I remember Dad doing a "test' on these markers on the way to girl scout camp one year.. we were trying to quess what they were for.. turns out they were markers for the mailboxes..or was it fire hydrants??.. only know I couldn't figure it out at the time on my own.