03 January 2009

a spectacle

finding new glasses is such a trying experience. so many styles to choose from and decisions to make. plastic frames or metal? silver or gold? round or rectangular or oval? bejeweled or understated? try a pair, put them down - but where? if you put them back in the correct tray, you run the risk of getting them confused with others you've tried on and dismissed. if you put them on the counter, you soon have a small but confusingly jumbled collection. find a pair that at least looks promising only to be told the lenses are too small for your prescription. there are far too many details for me. i'll just wear my old specs for a while longer  until i muster more patience with the process of buying new ones. 

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Anonymous said...

even though i'm not too happy with the optician, i like how she picks out six or eight frames, lays them on the table and then goes away while i choose. that way i know they are they correct size and, i also think she knows that i don't want the most ecpensive pair in the store. joanna