02 January 2009

holiday aftermath

seriously, it takes roughly five or six nights to decorate this place for the holidays. the tree, the doors, the mantle, the cupboard shelves and windowsills. and it takes about twenty minutes to "grinch" it. not a task i enjoy at all. it makes me a little sad. but it's about done for another year.


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. Sort of like a fancy dinner that takes all day to cook and maybe twenty minutes to gobble up. You've got to love the process or it's all a bit sad. The journey, the journey...my new mantra.


Anonymous said...

we still have the 3 Kings coming on Monday evening and then, just because i love the lights, i probably won't get to the "grinching" until next weekend. there's no hurry. :-) joanna

chris said...

i still have candles in the windows and will probably leave them there at least four to six weeks. i love turning them on in the evening when it's dark early, and particularly enjoy having them lit when it snows at night. it makes things look and feel cozy.