06 June 2007

what is that?

i took this picture because i wasnt totally sure what this even is. obviously its a pine cone. but how can that yellow thing turn into something that looks like the pinecones in the basket by the fireplace or in the wreath on the door? the answer: it doesnt. these are tiny male pinecones covered with yellow pollen. as the wind blows the pollen disperses and settles on resin-covered long green female cones so that fertilization and thus seed production can occur. when theyve done what they set out to do, these little cones fall to the ground. this little bit of info is probably buried somewhere deep in the junior high section of my brain. but it was a wonder to me today. a thank you to dr science (aka barry) and his assistant gretchen for the email education.

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mary d'e-b said...

I was sure you got your eco lesson on pine cone fertilization from Barry before you quoted your source(s)!