17 June 2007

plant sale

in late spring area garden club members divide plants in their gardens and sell them to boost their treasuries. these plants are inexpensive and the money goes to a good cause. but the best reason to buy there is the knowledge that the plants have survived a new england winter. so i go early for the best selection. there are plants on and under card tables, in groups and lines by color and species. plants temporarily potted in five gallon buckets or in the bottom halves of milk jugs or sticking out of bags. dahlia bulbs and herbs. perennials with their names on plastic knives or popsicle sticks protruding from the soil. inquire as to soil or light requirements and the person who grew the plant will come over and tell you everything. ask when it flowers and get shown the picture in a field guide. today for a little under thirty dollars i bought hosta and rubeckia, iris and echinachea, oregano and heliopsis. so many plants a lovely garden club lady had to help me get them to the car, chatting about gardening all the way.

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