11 June 2007

just how crazy things are

yes i shopped. no i didnt get milk. and it wasnt until i had poured the cereal and sliced the banana that i realized it. all we had was fat free chocolate milk. i briefly debated the merits of dry cereal vs. chocolate milk cereal. then i poured it on. maybe it will taste like count chocula i reasoned. not that ive ever even eaten count chocula mind you! it took a few spoonfuls before the full effect of the taste hit and i realized just how very unbreakfastlike this breakfast was. so i fished out the bananas and ate them. the rest i threw out. after i drained the chocolate milk. what was i thinking?

1 comment:

Kristin said...

You were thinking like a mother...if it happenned next week you would be thinking like a grammie and would finish every last drop.