24 June 2007

and the beat goes on

this is the phrase my musician father used to describe the cycle of life. the birthing, the dying, and everything in between. since his death a few years back ive thought of this phrase on several occasions. but never has it been as significant as it has this past week. it is so humbing to see the girl as a mother. to begin to think of her as a peer. to see how good she is at a job shes had only a few days. to remember her as a young woman, a teenager, a girl, a small child, and a tiny baby herself - not so long ago. to hear a phrases from a nurse and have it startlingly trigger the memory of some long forgotten incident or vision. to think of not only grandmothers but great grandmothers and hear from them untold details of pregnancies and births from long long ago. to have a renewed interest in worldly wonders, knowing that theres a brand new life poised to experience them. all this from one tiny birth. yeah, the beat goes on...

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