25 October 2013

winding roads

life has slowed down this autumn and i've been happy to have time to meander and explore. i love to find new routes and byways, places and roads that i've only heard of or seen squiggled on a map. four times this week, i passed this barn, and the last time pulled over to photograph it. i love the symmetry of the windows, the angles of the roof lines, and the colors, still rich despite their age. the on-point window on the back section makes the whole scene a little quirky. and my eyes kept being drawn down to the vivid marigolds by the sliding door, still in bloom in late fall. to my blogging friend who loves barns - and you know who you are - thanks for the inspiration!


daisygee said...

Beautiful, stunning building. You have some lovely pictures, I could look at them all day long, very different from my area (Middle England) Thanks for sharing.

Tabor said...

Lovely...I see fall calling to you.

My Maine Blog said...

Well this is a beauty Chris...so I'm thinking you were referring to me..."the one who loves barns"?? :) Yup pretty sure that's me and I do. Where we live and where you live we are lucky to still have a plentiful assortment of old and new barns and I never, never, never, tire of seeing yet another beautiful barn and capturing it in my camera. Thank you for sharing your lovely photo. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs