27 October 2013

last bloom

here it is: the last plant to flower in the garden. i watch these tiny buds from late summer on, hoping that cold and frost will hold off long enough for them mature and bloom. i'm always so amazed when they do - here it is, the last week in october and i now have flowers. they're tiny, they're leggy, they're spindly, but they're all mine.


Tabor said...

I have bunches of mums blooming everywhere, but they are on their last legs and soon to wither.

chris said...

Tabor, mums don't typically do well for me - don't last long enough, don't winter over...in fall, i buy a few in pots and just water them til they're gone. i'm not sure where i got these garden ones - or even how long i've had them. they look horrible, but i love them.