31 October 2013

all hallow's eve

i have little patience with halloween, mainly because adults have taken over what used to be a pretty good children's holiday. in the drug store today buying last minute treats, i saw a witch, a pirate, and a devil, all over thirty. that said, i am dressed for the day in the traditional orange and black and am sporting my halloween socks, the ones that say 'this IS my costume!', mostly because i'll be around children. and i have to say, some halloween decorations, like the one pictured on the mantle, are kind of fun in a bizarre sort of way.

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Linda said...

Sometimes we have to see the FUN in a holiday.....I want to participate as much as I can to give joy to others. Not many came trick or treating tonight so we do not think we will be staying home next year. Will probably be with the grandquads or other grands or maybe having a dinner party.