16 January 2013

winter birch

it's just pretty, after today's snowstorm. 
all day long, soft wet flakes. that really quiet, beautiful kind of snow. 


middle child said...

We still haven't had snow here in Northern Illinois! Keep the snow pictures coming. I will live vicariously through you, OK?

My Maine Blog said...

So pretty Chris....it snowed here all day long too. There's something so calming looking out on a snowy day like today. Makes me think how grateful I am to be living in New England.

Thanks for your email back and my blog seems to be fine now.

Graciegreen said...

We are buried in snow here in the Upper Peninsula of MI. Drifts and swirls of it. My shabby old house looks like a castle...I love it. Thee fence in your pic. It is so charming.