25 January 2013

deep freeze

glanced at the temperature on my way home tonight to find it was a balmy 16°. this after two days of bone-chilling cold. single digits during the day, negative numbers at night and a biting windchill. cold at work, cold in the car, cold at home. my car groaned and turned in the morning before it finally sputtered to life. the windshield frosted up on the inside. the kitchen faucet spit water even though i left it dripping overnight. pipes in the basement froze. i wore fleece and scarves by day and flannel and socks at night - and a snuggie! i made cookies just to heat up the kitchen and i piled the bed high with down comforters and quilts. it was so cold!

so tonight, sixteen degrees is comfortably bearable. it's a bit like a heat wave, new england style!


Star said...

Fun closing line! Temps more or less the same here, but without the wind. Thanks!

Mimsie said...

I LOVE winter. So much better than the sticky heat of summer. (I know I'm in the minority).

chris said...

Mimsie: i'm with you. i can get away from the cold of winter with layers, baths, quilts, snuggies!! but when it's hot, there's just no lasting relief!
Star: wind here just makes the cold feel so much colder...and it keeps me awake at night!

Paula's Postings said...

Brrrr your post makes me want to snuggle down under a nice warm quilt and read.