11 July 2011


i know how important it is to recycle, even when you're off on vacation. but is it ethical to transport recyclable items across state lines??? i'd been turning that around in my mind today... but fortunately the attendants at my transfer station did not care. as i was driving away, it occurred to me they probably thought i drank all those beverages myself!


Anonymous said...

I hope those beverages weren't all alcoholic!!

Isn't it strange that recyling has become almost automatic now, whereas five years ago we just shoved everything into the bin for the bin men!

But it's a great thing that we've all finally become more aware of how much we can help ourselves and hopefully our planet.

Nora said...

Recycling is a great good and has become an automatic thing to do. I feel sinful if I don't do it. The problem is where to keep everything until it's time to dispose of it. My apartment is not a big place and I do run out of space.

susan t. landry said...

i love that you are worrying about the perception of you as
1) a lush,
or, at the very least,
2) extremely thirsty

you can engage the guardian of recycling in a whole nonverbal dance, choreographed only by subtle hints carefully dispersed in your provocative,see-through trash bags...


Angela W said...

It is so true that recycling is now a natural part of me. With the new applications of recycled material, I find my recycle bin is shrinking day by day. Paper towel and toilet rolls can be used as plant pots for my seedlings. I even read somewhere that shredded paper is a great replacement for soil.