09 July 2011

at low tide

found in a tide pool

a crab, a whelk, seastars, and barnicles

a little girl

and a ten dollar bill, now drying on the counter!


Nora said...

You were very lucky to find all those things. Have a good Sunday.

R. J. said...

How cool is that! I would have been happy with the little girl and seashells. Little girls always remind me of my little granddaughter.

Anonymous said...

How lovely is that, not only do you have a great time at the seaside but you came back with more money than you left home with!

Profitable trip!!

Gail Underwood Parker said...

All kinds of beauty...lol

Star said...

What an interesting problem...what to do with ten whole dollars, which would be worthy of the bounty The Cosmos bestowed on you by bringing it to your attention.