28 May 2011


exciting news in sports this weekend (yay bruins! go red sox!) but this is my big score - a telescope purchased at a yard sale to benefit a town organization. it was priced high for a used telescope with no manual, and i passed on it at first. but as i meandered around looking at other things, someone announced that every thing was being discounted to 50%. i scuttled back and picked this up for $25. now, i just need to figure out how to use it! my summer project... look out, jupiter - here i come!

obviously NASA's, not mine!


Tabor said...

Sounds like a great fun project to me!

Luna said...

That is so very cool. Congratulations! This week is a great week for skywatching too, with Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury close to the Moon. :)
Have you found a way to take photos of what you view through the telescope?

Anonymous said...

How cool is that?

I've always wanted a telescope, I'm jealous!

I'm sure you have loads of pleasure using it.

chris said...

Luna, that conjuncture of planets was on my mind as i was originally looking at the telescope. only a few more days for optimal viewing here. unfortunately, it look like we won't have a clear night until next weekend. besides, i'm not sure i can figure the whole thing out that quickly! Tabor, i am sooo looking forward to fiddling around with it! and anne, i too have always wanted a telescope. this is actually my second try. my first telescope came from the house sale of a friend who died. i never could get it to work correctly - but neither could an astronomy professor so i didn't feel badly! but i that incident was also a factor in my decision not to buy this telescope - but the 50% off announcement while i was still in the room was a sign to buy the thing, don't you think???

Star said...

If the brand and model names are visible, you might be able to find manuals, or others talking about how to use it, on the internet.