31 May 2011

garden whimsey

purchased this weekend at a local garden club sale, this make-do creation was intended to be a hummingbird feeder. isn't it unusual? i've taken the blue scrubber out of the top bowl and filled it and the second bowl with water and am hoping for bathing birds outside my window. as yet i've not seen any. in the meantime, i am scrounging cabinets looking for goblets and bowls so i can make another such creation for a friend, who will love it!


Gail Underwood Parker said...

I love your whimsey... and invite you to check out my blog last Saturday where I was proud to share an award with you for the wonderful things I gain every time I visit your blog. Come pick it up and share!
Gail Underwood Parker

~she~ said...

Very interesting! Hope you get some response!

Nora said...

It sure is a strange looking contraption. I hope the birds like it and come to bathe in it. They may be somewhat flabbergasted.