06 May 2011


i love may. such an optimistic month of promise and rebirth. but it's busy as well, with pansies to plant, gardens to rake and hoe, wool and long-sleeves to retire until fall. job responsibilities increase in may as we march toward closure. may is the busiest month of the year. it's a good thing it's also one of the longest.

this week has been exceptionally involved and i have been remiss in my communications, save the ones that were flung over my shoulder as i bustled about. apologies to susan, who i spent a wonderful afternoon with and never even thanked. to nancy, who i owe an email and soon a phone call and miss terribly. to angela, who sent me the loveliest message to which i have yet to respond. to the girl, who i have seen more of lately and talked to less. and to you who read here, and you who write and photograph to share with me. i hope i can do better next week. 


Star said...

No apologies necessary, just glad everything is O.K. in your neck of the woods. Weekends are my best time to take walks and photographs; I'll see if I can spot something that might interest you. It keeps my eyes sharpened. Thanks for your blog.

Tabor said...

We have all been there and one that and understand.

Laura said...

Ah, periodically life does interfere with our other interests, does it not? I have missed you and had been thinking "gosh I hope she's okay". Glad to hear you are (!), and happy to see I'm not alone in my love of May despite it's inherent exhaustion.

Nancy Tripp said...

I'm glad to know you are just super busy and not under the weather which has finally become beautiful. We will catch up when we can and spend at least one fabulous day somewhere we both love. Maybe even a weekend at the beach???